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Welcome to the Hoopty Used Bicycle Shop 

We are contemporary & vintage road bike specialists.
Weather it's a classic 10 speed, basic commuter or a beach cruiser we have you covered. 
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Used Bikes For Sale
Hoopty Bikes are vintage originals. The commitment to using replacement parts from the 70s and 80s give an authentic ride quality to every bike we restore. We love bikes and are helping the world express their personal style through cycling.

Each bike goes through these steps on the way to the sales floor.
•Rebuilt from the ground up and all necessary parts are replaced.
•A full tune up
•Detail cleaned 
•Test ridden
•40 bolt (sales check) safety inspection

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Please note: All bikes are sold to the first available buyer 

 $300 48cm Gitane Mixte single speed 

56cm Peugeot 10 speed $300


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Brand & ModelFrame size (cm) or (In) Type of Bike Listing info
Brand & ModelFrame size (cm) or (In) Type of Bike Listing info
Mid 70’s Gitane Mixte Single speed 48cm Flat Bars   
Vintage Peugeot 56cm Drop Bars/ 10 Speed Road Bike   
Showing 2 items