About the owner

Chris Duncan is an ESPN Xgames pro BMXer and mountain biker. Some career accomplishments include being a character in a PlayStation BMX video game, setting 3 world records and overseeing mechanics on all his competition bikes. Chris has hosted countless classes on mountain bike and urban cycling techniques, gave speeches on the culture of BMX and done Q&A's all over the world on bikes designed from his input.  The mechanics and fitness of the sport have given him the creativity to inspire, motivate and educate. Hooptybikes is his portal to the love of daily cycling. 

Chris launched Hooptybikes during the summer of 2007 in the heart of San Francisco's cycling scene after developing a love for vintage road bikes. The dedication and craftsmanship of restoring classic road bikes into stylish commuters grew the company into a full-service repair center for all types of bicycles.
You can book an appointment in the shop or you can enjoy the comprehensive service of a mobile bike repair. To get started just text a picture of your bike with a description and you'll get an estimate right away. 

Hoopty Bikes