Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t answered here, please text 310-308-0252 

Cost of Service

•Rate $95/hr + parts. 

•(1 hour minimum per bike/appointment) 

•Prorated every 15 minutes after the first hour.

Can I have you repair just a specific area or part on my bike?

Yes, if the repair can be completed within an hour you'll only be charged the 1hr minimum. If the repair is completed sooner any additional time left will be applied towards any tuning or repairs your bike may need. Your mechanic will notify you of any issues ASAP.

For a fast, free estimate: Text 310-308-0252 a pic of your bike, zip code & service needed.


How can I book an appointment ?

To book an appt text 310-308-0252 or email a picture of your bike, zip code & service needed. 


What kind of warranty dose Hoopty bikes offer?

The assumption of service satisfaction is made 48hrs after job completion unless customer notifies mechanic.

Tune ups

How much is a tune up?

Tune ups are billed at $95/hr (1hr minimum per bike per appointment) 

Basic tune ups (without replacing parts or requiring or dissembly) are estimated at 1-1.5 hrs.

Tune ups that require part replacements or dissembly are estimated at 1.5-2.5 hrs.

(For example: Additional time is required if your bike needs new tires, chain and brake pads)

*Ebikes or cargo bikes can require more time than conventional bicycles for tuning or repairs.


My brakes are making noise, can you tune the noise out?

Unfortunately no, screeching/squealing brake noise cannot be tuned out of a bike.

This type of brake noise is caused from various forms of debris becoming embedded in the surface of the brake pad, disc or rim surface. (Tar, grease, sand, dust, pollen or plant resin etc..) The debris creates a slippage under braking force thus decreasing braking power and making a screeching/squealing noise. Brake noise is only treated with new brake pads and discs.

When I pull my brakes, there's no power and the lever pulls all the way to the handlebar.

For hydraulic disc brakes, this can be caused by low fluid or air in the brake line also worn out brake pads.

For 'cable pull' disc or conventional brakes, the brake line cable can be stretched or need adjustment. Also worn brake pads can cause low braking power.


How much is it to fix a flat?

Flat repair is billed at $95/hr (1hr minimum per bike per appointment) Most flats can be repaired within an hour, however repairing flats on the rear wheel of ebikes can require more time.

My flat tire was fixed, now it's flat again. 

The assumption of service satisfaction is made 48hrs after job completion, so unless you have notified the mechanic within that time period, repairing your tire would be at the $95/hr service rate (1hr minimum per bike per appt). 

*Chronic flats could be caused by hidden debris in your tire, if the flat cause cant be found, it's time to replace the tire.