Happy Customers

These are photos of people who have found the Hoopty of their dreams. Just look at those smiles.

Tamara from and Her Beloved Ross.

She has appropriately named him "Ross" and is totally stoked! More people should name their bikes.

Kimiko Finally Finds the Right Bike

Kimiko is new to cycling in the city and needed an exact fit to feel completely comfortable. She had been searching for a vintage ten speed that offered performance and style at a reasonable price. Luckly for her we had the bike that she wanted. Now she is cruising the streets in style aboard her 1981 Fuji Allegro.

Brad converts to a Nishiki custom sport Single Speed.

Brad was recently a victim of bicycle theft. (totally sucks) He had a really tricked out 70's era Trek that he customized with some pretty dope parts. He commutes and needed a nice vintage light weight for the ride. His previous bike was multi-geared, & after test riding the Hoopty tuned Nishiki SS he was totally stoked on the simple speed style.

Ben wanted a high end road bike to exercise and get around town.

Ben was tired of walking to work. He had been checking out the ten speed scene for some time and finally found this sporty little number. It's a 1986 Miyata One Ten. It has a super lite weight frame and is very fast. You will probably see him getting drafted by a Porsche as he is getting his exercise on!

Matt was looking for style and performance

Matt wanted a fast and efficient road bike for his daily commute. Matt has torn apart cars and rebuilt them from the ground up. He has the mechanical knowledge to restore his own vintage ten speed, however he trusted Hoopty to do that job for him. He had been searching for weeks prior to finding this gem, an almost brand new vintage Trek 1500. The bike was hand built in Waterloo Wisconsin at the exclusive Trek Factory.

Emmanuel's Classic Raleigh

Emmanuel needed a ride to get him through the Big City! He knew that he wanted a cool vintage bike and it need to fit his 6'4" frame. Luckily Hoopty Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. His bike of choice is a 1976 Raleigh Grand sport that was crafted in Holland.

Dave and his 1979 Motobecane Super Sprint

Dave is an web developer and is going to ride his Motobecane to work and also for some exercise on the weekends. His Motobecane is very lightweight and responsive. In the late 70's Super Sprints were some of the most competitive bikes around.

Cody and his super clean 1981 Fuji Espree.

That's his BMW mini in the back ground, so you know he's a stylish cat. The Fuji that he purchased is almost totally original. The only componets on the bike that aren't original from the show room floor back in 81 are the tires and shift cables.

Hans and his 1984 Bridgestone 600

Hans wanted a fast bike to get to work and school so he could stop talking the bus. His Hoopty of choice was this 1984 Japanese made beauty.

Marika in got her self a pink bike!

Marika definitely wanted a vintage bike, but it had to be pink. At Hoopty we always aim to please and were able to find her an early eighties pink Schwinn Le tour. She was totally stoked with the bike and is probably out riding now with her boy friend Matt.

Karli finds a bike and calls it DUNZO!

Karli, was totally stoked on the do-it-your-self flavor that Hoopty bikes embraces as a company. She unfortunately had her bike stolen recently and we were glad to provide her with a reliable replacement, a super clean Sekai 1000. She is going to be starting a do it your self website devoted to showing people how to do things called Dunzo.

Kristina and her single speed Schwinn WorldSport

Kristina wanted a simple cruiser to get around town on. Her bike of choice was a Hoopty created Schwinn World Sport equiped with a simple speed system.

Michele and her very rare Bridgestone Radac

Michele wanted a bike that had some retro style and a boat load of performance. Meet her 1991 Bridgestone Radac. One of the most thought out bikes of its time. It's made with aluminum tubes and Chromoly lugs. An interesting fact about this bike is that it was the lightest bike ever made back in 91. Upon purchasing this bike from Hoopty Michele had test rode a late 60's Mercier that was nice, but more Cadillac like in its ride quality. She appreciated its style, but the Bridgestone had what she was looking for. The way she put it was: "The Bridgestone made me feel like I was flying" Michele, welcome to the cult of Bridgestone your now one of us!

John finds the Motobecane Mirage he was looking for.

John was looking for a bike that was all original. His goal was to pull off the vintage road bike perfecta!

This is the quest to find a rare very old bike in......

-Your size,


-Particular desired style.

He did it with Hoopty Bikes & is going to be riding the bike as an original vintage, until he finds enough modern parts to retrofit this thing into a rocket ship!

Sunny rides the cutest bike in the city. A Free Spirit Brittney

Sunny was looking for the perfect cruiser for going to the store and running errands. Her friend had just bought a bike exactly like this lil gem and is really happy with it. Surprised that Hoopty Bikes had the same bike Sunny jumped at the chance to check it out & decided to buy it after the test ride.

Marcy needed a bike to handle on or off road excursions!

Marcy found this Sherpa MTB, a fully rigid mountain bike / street commuter. Fully rigid means that bike doesn't have suspension. This is a good thing for efficiency and performance because Sherpa mountain bikes are constructed out of 4130 Chromoly steel. This frame material is perfect for the needs of some one like Marcy. When pedaling the frame feels relatively stiff & efficient, but it still absorbs a large amount of vibration and jolts as they occur.

Ryan needed a quick get away bike, a Raleigh Grand Record(mixte)

Ryan is a photographer that takes pictures of city scapes. He recently had is bike stolen. He was bummed, but was soon stoked to start over and get what he really needed, a quick get away bike. He wanted a bike that had a low stand over height so he could jump off ASAP to capture the perfect photo. He didn't want to sacrifice performance & upon some research he learned that a mixte frame would suit his needs. Mark Gonzales "The Gonz "(pro skate boarder & cultural icon) likes mixtes for the same reason. However the Gonz is probably gonna be doing some sort of stunt in traffic. Ryan just wants to cruse in Hoopty style. At Hoopty we say word up to that!

Regina is stoked to have such a classic bicycle - USA made Trek 460

Regina was a gun specialist in the armed forces. Pretty cool. She also rides a really cool bike too. An American made vintage Trek. She wanted a vintage bicycle that was comparable to the performance characteristics of today's modern bikes. Well I guess I could say that her first requirement was style and this baby has got it. Down tube shifters, high end Sugino crank set. Stiff and light weight 27x 1/4 wheels. Regina is going to use this bike for transportation and exercise. Rock on!

Olivia doesn't have to take the bus any more....NICE!

Now she has the ultimate Hoopty a 1986 American made Trek 1200. 700c wheels, Specialized Armadillo tires. She quickly found out that the main mode of getting around was by bike.

Kimberley and her Bridgestone Altair

Kimberley was recently oked by the doctor to start riding again. She was unfortunately hit by a car early this year. She is totally stoked to be getting back in the Saddle aboard her blueberry colored super smooth Japanese engineered Bridgestone.

Brian wanted a French bike & got connected to a Motobecane Mirage

Motobecane, what a classic name in the vintage bicycle world. He owned one before and sold it when he had to move. He wanted a close to original bike, but with a few upgrades. This mirage had every thing that he needed: a modern ergonomic seat made by Specialized and light weight tires. This bike even has the original Motobecane rubber bar wrap, super cool! French Craftmanship, an awesome bike to commute with or just have fun on.

Speaking of vintage French bicycles, Mikey rocks the Parlez-Vous Français too. On his Astro Elite.

Mikey is recently back on feet a hundred percent after getting hit by a car on his last bike which totally sucks. He was cleared by the doctor recently to be able for cycling. He was searching for a french made vintage bike and found it with Hoopty Bikes. He training to be a paramedic and will be getting to and from classes on this yellow submarine pictured above.

American muscle with a french name. Angela is styling on the Schwinn Le-Tour.

She had previously bought a vintage bike before that was not up to par and it had some major problems. She loves the style of vintage, but was reluctant to buy another restored vintage bike. However, with a little reinsurance from her friends that are fans of Hoopty Bikes she was able to make a decision and purchase this little beauty.

Devin and her Puch

Devin, loved her last vintage bike, but it didn't quite fit her as well as this Puch touring model. It's built for long rides and very comfortable to ride due to a taller stem which raises the handlebars, so the rider is not too hunched over. She had been looking for quite a while and with the help of boy friend she decided to choose this Hoopty.

Mark is getting back to commuting like a Jedi again aboard his mid 80's Nishiki.

Mark was recently another victim to the horrible reality of any cyclist, theft! He had two bikes stolen in the last year and needed a third replacement (PLUS A REALLY GOOD LOCK) to break up the monotony of riding the bus. He found the Nishiki pictured above to be the right size as far as stand-over height, but he needed a longer stem to really make it fit. After a new stem and a few adjustments he was on his way to being a totally stoked commuter again. Reason to bike to work # 467: A way to avoid the bummer life

Carlos and Taylor find the Bianchi's they were looking for.

Carlos contacted Hoopty initially to buy a bike for himself (A maroon Bianchi-Limited )After his girl friend Taylor saw the bike she wanted her own Bianchi, but in Red. Lucky for her the next Bianchi that came into the Hoopty shop was a Red Bianchi Premio.

Lauren a Triathlete from finds a Fuji Alegro to cruise on.

Lauren was previously using a super high-end carbon fiber road bike to get around on. She likes the feel of the carbon fiber bike for racing, but really liked the Fuji for its ability to absorb small bumps and holes in the asphalt. The Fuji is made of 4130 chromoly and that material is perfect for a comfortable yet responsive ride.

John and his Nishiki - Semi Pro, a classic Japanese Hoopty.

John works in down town San Francisco. He had been commuting on a mountain bike for some time and wanted to add some classic performance to enjoy his ride to work a little more. Now he is cruising on the bike with the same name as a Will Ferrell Comedy, awesome! Viva la Hoopties.

Fulin and his super awesome Peugeot P6

Me and Fulin were happy to have met because both of us ride BMX. It was nice to chat about appreciating that form of cycling and how it relates to vintage bikes. He was looking for a early eighties Peugeot in great shape and was stoked to find it at Hoopty.

Anthony and his Puch Austro Daimler

Anthony wanted a simple bike for simply cruising the streets. He didn't want the complexity of gears to take away from just riding to & from where he is going. We fitted this Puch to his body type with a couple of small adjustments. Soon he was on his way to go cruise the scene with his small bike gang "The Cobra's"-properly pronounced by wispering Cobra'ssss. He also is the base player for a pretty rad band called Loquat.

www.loquatmusic.com Check out the site for some samples of their tunes and local show dates.

Andy Hawgood & His Ultra Rare (Swiss Made) Allegro

Andy owns Popular Workshop for graphic design and art direction. He was super stoked on the Allegro's intricate details. It's made with Reynold's tubing & was upgraded with vintage Suntour drive chain components. For smooth original era shifting you can't get any better than what the Japanese produced.

Drew & his Bad Ass Univega "Nuevo Sport"