Bike Repair

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Hoopty Bikes will repair & tune up your bicycle or ebike fast & affordably at your Los Angeles location.

For a fast, free estimate text message 310-308-0252 or email a picture of your bicycle, service needed & your zip code.

Bike Repair Services

Tune up

Brake Adjustment

•Derailleur Adjustment

•Gear & Chain Replacement

•Headset Adjustment

•Tire & Tube Repair

•Wheel Alignment 

•Ebike Repair

•Lube Service

•Bike Assembly & Disassembly

•Custom Bicycle Build

•Vintage Bike Restoration


Mobile Bike Repair Shop

Rate $95/hr + parts

(1hr minimum per bike/appt)

Free full-safety inspection 

With any paid service for all new customers. 

(Valued at $40 per bike)

*Limited time offer

A safety inspection includes:

40 point bolt torque check

Tire pressure/condition check

Wheel spoke tension check

Brake system check

Drive chain/shifting check

Keep in mind a bike is only as strong as it’s weakest link and has a series of parts that must work together in unison for safety, performance and reliability.

With 25 years in the bike repair business I can tell you several customers who’ve regretted not having their bike safety inspected. 

Riding a bike with untuned, damaged or improperly installed components can result in subsequent repairs down the road. This inspection reveals any components that may need additional attention.

Tune Ups

Mobile Bike Mechanic

Frame, fork, hub & rim dust is wiped off. 

40 point bolt torque tensioning (secures components to bike) 

Brake cables lubed. Brake calipers are centered and cable tension is adjusted.

Shift cables, deraileurs and chain is lubed. Shifting on the front and rear derailleurs are adjusted.

Spokes tension is checked & wheels are trued.

Headset bearing tension is adjusted.

Test ride / readjustments 

It's important to know after an estimate, additional parts & labor may be required in order for your bike to operate smoothly and safely. 

Basic Bike Fit 

Bike Repair

When the components of your bike are ergonomically adjusted to your body, you'll get optimal performance.. Fittings include proper seat post height, fore/aft saddle positioning with the proper angle to relieve sit pressure on soft tissue areas. The distance and angle your arms extend to the handlebars is inspected then stem height is adjusted accordingly. In some cases a different stem length is recommended to achieve the most comfortable position.

Complete Bike Detail Cleaning 

Bike Repair

Your entire bike is washed & detail scrubbed in areas with built up dirt & grease until clean. Replacement parts & tuning may be required.

Drive Chain Cleaning 

Bike Repair

A deep cleaning of your chain, sprockets & cassette, enables smoother shifting and efficient power transfer from your legs to the pavement. It will also save you money from having to replace parts prematurely. The grease/grit is sprayed with degreaser, scrubbed, washed, dried and your chain is oiled with fresh lube. If you ride near the ocean in Santa Monica and Venice, where sand and salt life is plentiful, this type of cleaning is needed every 3-4 months. Replacement parts & tuning may be required.

Detailing & Rust Removal 

Mobile Bike Repair

This is one of our specialities learned from years in the vintage road bike restoration business and is the equivalent of your bike having a spa day. It's very popular with all cyclists who live by the beach. The salt spray is hard on everyone's bike in that area. Your bike is an investment, take care of it and it will take care of you!