Mobile Bicycle Services

If you need a bicycle repair shop at your door, mobile bike maintenance, tune up or flat fixed, we come to you!

Hoopty Bikes will repair, service or tune up your bicycle or ebike fast & affordably at your Los Angeles location. 

For a fast, free estimate please text a picture of your bike, service needed with your zip code to 310-308-0252. 

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Hoopty bikes mobile bike service in LA

Bike Maintenance or Repair

Happy mother and son after getting the bike repaired by Hoopty Bikes

Hoopty offers bicycle maintenance or repair in a range of services to ensure that your ride is safe, efficient, and smooth when you're cycling. Whether you're a casual cyclist, a commuter, or a racer proper maintenance is essential for optimal performance and longevity of your road bike, mountain bike, or whatever type of cycle you own. Can't get to a bicycle repair shop? We come to you!

Mobile Bike Assembly

Pro bike mechanic Chris Duncan with a customer after building their new beach cruiser

Get your e-bike or bicycle professionally inspected and assembled by an expert! Chris Duncan, professional rider and former X Games BMX competitor with 25 years experience, will check for shipping damages, manufacturer defects, and safety issues before all new bikes are built and tuned to factory specifications. We can also install accessories, such as lights, racks, and flat-resistant tire liners.

Ebike Repair and Servicing

Super73 ebike flat tire getting fixed by Hoopty bikes mechanic Chris Duncan

Hoopty e-bike repair and servicing offers assembly and tuning for electric bikes of all types. We can fix flats, adjust brakes, and replace cassettes and chains. If you built your own ebike and it's not working, we can help! We also offer purchase advice and recommendations of bicycle dealers for e-bikes to meet your needs. Service is available at your location by appointment.

Here's a list of our most popular services.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please text 310-308-0252 or email

ebike in the work stand for brake repair

This is the most common type of bike repair, and it's something that can happen to anyone. 

A tune-up is a general maintenance service that includes cleaning, adjusting, and lubricating your bike. This will help to keep your bike running smoothly and prevent any major problems from happening.

If your brake pads are worn out, it can be very dangerous to ride your bike and it's important to have them replaced ASAP!

If your rim brakes are worn out, it's important to replace them as soon as possible, so you can slow down safely.

If you have disc brakes, it's important to have the hydraulic-brake lines serviced regularly, at sign of an issue or loss of power. 

If you have an electric bike, it's important to have all e-bicycles serviced every 6 months.

If your wheels are not true, or a have a misaligned axle, and do not smoothly freewheel, it can be very difficult to ride your bike without feeling the brakes touching the rims or experiencing vibration.

If your gears are not shifting properly, it can be very frustrating to ride your bike. After a bike tech adjusts your shifting and derailleur cable you'll be able to ride comfortably once again.

If your chain is worn out,  or stretched, it can cause gear shift problems and break under pedal force! It's important to replace it as soon as possible, so that you can keep riding safely.

We'll come to your home or office, discuss your needs, assemble and tune your new bike with a custom adjustment of the components to your body.

These are just a few of the many mobile bicycle repair services offered to our customers. If you're having problems with your bike, have questions or would like an estimate, there's no need to try and find a local bike repair shop, benefit from the convenience of the mechanic coming to you, so there's no bike shop required.

Stem adjustment on a customers Public hybrid commuter bike